Education Support for Children

What you need to know

When your child needs extra learning support or help taking that next educational leap, connect with the experts at Bright Horizons for free guidance and resources that address their unique needs.

Special Needs Help

If your child is having trouble focusing, lagging behind developmentally, or struggling with social skills, you’ll find personalized help from a compassionate Bright Horizons Special Needs™ advisor. You can also watch webinars to learn what you need to successfully guide and advocate for your child’s education.

For details, review the Special Needs Fact Sheet [PDF].

College Advising

For students preparing to apply to college, there’s College Coach. Offering expert guidance on the college admissions and financial aid process, college admissions consultants can help your child identify best-fit schools and review college admission essays.

For details, review the College Coach Fact Sheet [PDF].

To get started, visit Bright Horizons.

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Education support for children
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