Vision Benefits

What you need to know

The vision plans from Vision Service Plan (VSP) cover an annual eye exam and a pair of glasses or contact lenses every calendar year. They also offer discounts on other products and services.

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Plan Features

You can elect the Basic Vision Plan or the EasyOptions Premier Plan.

The EasyOptions Premier Plan provides a higher allowance for frames and lenses, and covers certain lens options in full.

Both plans offer discounts when you purchase contact lenses, additional glasses and sunglasses, and laser vision surgery through VSP providers [PDF].

Basic Vision Plan

The Basic Vision Plan offers in- and out-of-network benefits. The table below shows what the plan pays for care.

In-Network Coverage
Eye exam (every 12 months)
100% after $15 copay
Corrective lenses (every 12 months)
100% after $15 copay*
Frames (every 24 months)
Up to $155, plus 20% discount
Contact lenses (every 12 months)**
$155, plus 15% discount on VSP doctor services
Out-of-Network Coverage
Eye exam (every 12 months)
Up to $45
Corrective lenses (every 12 months)
Single vision: Up to $45, Bifocal: Up to $65, Trifocal: Up to $85
Frames (every 24 months)
Up to $47
Contact lenses (every 12 months)**
Up to $105

* Standard lenses, including glass or plastic single vision, bifocal, or trifocal; copay includes lenses and frames.

** When you select contact lenses instead of glasses.

EasyOptions Premier Plan

With VSP EasyOptions, in addition to all the benefits of the Basic Vision Plan, you and each member on your plan can choose one of these enhanced eyewear options when purchasing your glasses or contacts:

In-Network Coverage
Frame allowance (every 12 months)
Up to $250
Elective contact lenses (every 12 months)
$200, plus covered contact lens exam after $60 copay
Progressive, photochromic, or anti-reflective lenses
Covered in full

For additional details, view the VSP EasyOptions PDF.

For complete details about covered expenses, exclusions, and limitations, visit HRConnect to review the summary plan description (SPD) for your vision plan.

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